Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magic Farm the Ultimate Flower

For some reason, I like to play plants-based games, but I don't like plants in real life :p
This would be the latest game I've been playing, haven't finished the game yet
Kinda fun, you get to plant various types of plants, fight pests (just click them banyak kali), and also have a pet dragon to help you
But the graphic is not that great :p

Some pikchas~

Download here! (full version)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ikka Shakka Zumaa!

Have you played this game? It's the second episode of Zuma Deluxe, Zuma's Revenge!
Actually, I don't like this game so much, cuz I don't like puzzles, its frustrating, games are supposed to be fun and easy :)
But it was in the top games list so I'm guessing people like it more than I do :3

And here's some pikchaas!

Download here! (full version)

ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate

I've been converting a lot of videos lately, for my phone
Bosan2 boleyh la tgk video :) (music video, okay~ =.=)
I used ImTOO Video Converter which I found pretty easy to use, and fast too
Maybe it would be useful to you guys!

Download here! (with crack)

1) Download and extract
2) Install ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate
3) Install crack

Plants vs Zomba! :3

Now I realized that hosting files take a pretty long time =.=
Anyone knows a fast file hosting website?

Btw, this would be the first game I'm going to post, the most fun game from PopCap, Plants vs Zombies!
My friends love it, my sister loves it, my cousin loves it, my cousin's sister is crazy about it, setiap hari dia main, lol
It's a tower defence game with cute graphics, kinda easy, but you will not get bored with it too fast... hopefully
Have fun!

Here's some pikchaas! (pictures) :p

Lots of plants to choose from!

My Zen Garden!
Download here! (full version)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahn Nyeong Hah Seh Yo! ^ ^

Hey guys, guess what, I'm gonna start blogging :3
But, it will not be a 'Me, My Life & My Interest'-like blog cuz I'm not interested in sharing my life with others, lol
Already got facebook for that XD
Aaanyway, I will be blogging about apps and games that I would like to share with others (kinda boring but who cares)
I don't even know if if its legal or not :p

Ape lagi nk tulis ye?

That's all I think, stay tune okay!